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Executive Restoration is very knowledgeable when it comes to indoor air quality and all things mold, how it affects your health, and how to detect/clean it up. David really takes the time to know your particular situation and circumstances to help you in the best way possible and answer any questions/concerns you have. I am confident in his expertise and passion for what he does to help create healthy homes to improve health.

David is honest, knowledgeable, and reliable. I do not hesitate to refer my patients with mold allergies to him for mold relief and remediation.

David is fabulous to work with. He really knows his mold and has a passion for his work.

I had the opportunity to meet David by way of a phone call. We talked business and about his passion for helping people, especially those who are suffering in situations involving mold. It was a pleasure to learn of his years of experience in educating people about the dangers of mold. His knowledge and passion are what set people and business owners like David apart from the many. Thanks again David for taking the time to share.

Need answers to your questions and do not know who to call - I recommend David. He will answer your questions honestly and straight forward. He knows what he is talking about. If you need to make sure someone else did what they claim? Let Dave come out and re-examine and give you the accurate results so you can move forward. Dave is available for any consultation just call him at 704-905-9152, need him to come and do an inspection? No problem as he is available to help you.

I had a mold inspection completed for a rental home by Executive Restoration, and it was such good service, I partnered with their company. I worked with a man named David Snell, who is their CEO. They helped me get in contact with public adjusters after finding a dramatic mold issue. If service is key, I can't think of another name in mold than Executive Restoration.

David is extremely experienced and knowledgeable on all things mold. He's my go to expert that I refer my clients to that are need of the services that he offers. I know they will be treated with care, honesty, and appreciation. Keep up the great work David Snell!

I have been doing business with David Snell for 10 years. David Snell is very professional honest and loyal to his customers. David makes sure the customer is taking care of number one. I recommend David snell to all my customers and friends. Executive Restoration David Snell I give five stars