Don't Let Mold Seize Your Home or Office

Address your issue with mold removal service in Mint Hill, Indian Trail or Matthews, NC

Did you know that it only takes 72 hours for a mold spore to grow and spread within the home? Win your battle with mold when you hire Executive Restoration, LLC for mold removal service. Our team will kill mold at the source. We'll also make sure to block off unaffected areas to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Call today to schedule your mold removal service. We work with home and business owners in Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Matthews, NC and the surrounding area.

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Understand the dangers of mold exposure

Taking immediate action toward eliminating mold from your home or office is crucial. If you continue to ignore your mold problem, you may experience health complications, such as:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chronic colds or fevers
  • Wheezing or nasal stuffiness
  • Skin or eye irritation

Mold remediation eliminates mold while preventing its return. We'll also sanitize or repair damaged areas to create a functional living space.

If you're in Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Matthews, NC or the surrounding area and need mold remediation, call now to schedule your appointment.